Work Time Efficiency

The report shows that how much time was spent on customer acquisition, customer retention, customer loss and other activities.


  • Date: Select a period that you would like to examine.
  • Users and groups: You can examine the opportunity cards of the selected users or user groups (in new Sales module) during the examined period.
  • View: You can choose from Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly views. The report will be rearranged according to the selected option.


  • Customer acquisition: Those activities are included that were done on opportunity cards that were moved from ‘Marketing’ / ‘Discovery’ or ‘Sales’ status group to ‘Database’ status group.
  • Customer retention: Those activities that are not considered customer acquisition. The opportunity card was in the ‘Customer’ status group.
  • Customer loss: Those activities are included that are not directed towards customer acquisition and are not other activities. The opportunity card was moved to ‘Database’ status group.
  • Other: Those activities are included that don’t fit into the other 3 categories.