Why are tasks useful?

A task helps you know when, with whom and what you have to do.

You can add tasks manually or automatically. The purpose is to help your work and show the next action.

Main parts

  • Task assignee: Every task has to be assigned to somebody. It indicates who should perform the task.
  • Text of the task: Type the task here.
  • Deadline: Set a deadline for the task.
  • Type: You can set the type of the task (phone, meeting, other).
  • Address: If the meeting is held at your client’s office, set the address so you will see it in your calendar as well.
  • Participants: If more than one person is involved in the completion of the task, you can add them here. Contact persons and MiniCRM users can be added as well.
  • Checklist: If a task consists of more than one step, create a checklist and check the steps that you have finished.
  • Attachment: You can attach a document as well so it will be available for the task assignee.