Users’ activity

The report shows how many and what kind of tasks were closed, how many custom emails were sent and how many calls were managed in the module by a user.


  • Date: Those activities are displayed that were done in the system during the period set here.
  • Users and groups: The cards of the selected user or user group (in the new Sales module) are displayed.
  • Closing type: You can check the tasks closed successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • Lead qualification (only in the new Sales module): Depending on the selected option, only those closed tasks or other activities are displayed that are on the cards of VIP, Qualified, or Unqualified customers.
  • Grouping: You can choose from Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly views. The report will be rearranged according to the selected option.


  • In the first column, that date is shown when the activities happened.
  • Calls: It displays the amount of phone calls made from the Android application or from an integrated call center.
  • Email: Number of custom emails.
  • SMS: Number of custom SMS messages.
  • Except the last two columns, you can see the task types used in the module.
  • Cards: Number of relevant cards where tasks were closed.
  • Total: Number of all activities that happened during the selected time period.
To list some cards, click on the underlined blue number in the relevant column. The table is changing according to the type of tasks that were closed during the selected time period. If no task without type was closed during the period, you will not see such column.