Search in MiniCRM

You can search for a company, contact person, card and task by using the Search field. It is not possible to search for cards that had been moved to Trash.

Start to type into the Search field and the system will show you keywords in a dropdown list after typing the third character.

The system searches for whole words. For example, if you would like to search MiniCRM Inc., it is enough to type MiniCRM to find it.

If you search for a phone number, you can leave out the area code.

It is enough to type only the last six characters into the Search field, because the system automatically considers it a phone number. Extra punctuation marks are not considered.

For example, you can find the phone number 07778 123456 by entering the following: 123456. Then all contacts appear where the number is recorded. However, if you leave out the last part of the number, no items will be found.