How to create filters

In MiniCRM you can filter to:

How to create a filter

  1. On the blue navigation, click on the module in which you would like to create a filter.
  2. Click on Filter on the right side.
  3. Choose the New filter option.
  4. Click the  button.
  5. Add a required condition. Optional conditions are recommended to advanced users.
    For example, the card’s owner is John Doe, its qualification is VIP and there is no next action.
  6. In the popup window, you can see the categories on the left side and the fields on the right side. Click on the relevant field.
  7. After the window disappears, the selected filter condition will appear in the blue box.
  8. Click on the box to specify the condition. For example, the card was entered at most 3 days before.
  9. Add all necessary filter conditions, then click the Save button to name and save it.