Helpdesk module

In this module, you can manage the incoming questions and requests.


You need an Incoming email manager to receive and process these reports because you can redirect your company’s email address to it ( MiniCRM automatically records incoming emails sent to the given address and the contact details as a new ticket or a contact card (in case of a new client) within the Helpdesk module.

Web form

Requests can be added automatically to the Helpdesk module via web forms inserted into a website.

Phone call

A member of the Customer Support team has to record the ticket manually within the Helpdesk module.

Above the history, you can always see a Reply button next to the New task button. If you click on it, you can send an email to the inquirer immediately. If the inquirer responds, it will appear in the History of the ticket and you can continue the conversation until the problem is solved.

Every new email is a new ticket in the Helpdesk module.