Customer management

How to add new cards to MiniCRMtrending_flat

If you would like to add more than one card simultaneously, you can choose from the following options: Import a spreadsheet XML Sync If you would like to add cards one […]

Listing cardstrending_flat

To list cards, click on a module on the blue navigation bar. You can see the list of cards immediately. You can filter the cards according to specific criteria by choosing a […]

Structure of cardstrending_flat

Cards consists of two parts: Card data Company/Contact person data Most important elements of cards Name Task History Card data

Search in MiniCRMtrending_flat

You can search for a company, contact person, card and task by using the Search field. It is not possible to search for cards that had been moved to Trash. Start to type […]

What are the filters? What can I use them for?trending_flat

You can list cards according to specific criteria by using MiniCRM filters. You can Send mass emails Create ad hoc lists Create unique reports Launch follow-up sequences Export data What kind of […]

Helpdesk moduletrending_flat

In this module, you can manage the incoming questions and requests. Email You need an Incoming email manager to receive and process these reports because you can redirect your company’s email address […]

How to create filterstrending_flat

In MiniCRM you can filter to: Data stored on Cards Details of the next action Details of the Closed/open tasks Data related to Businesses/Contact persons Addresses Data of mass emails and […]

Why are tasks useful?trending_flat

A task helps you know when, with whom and what you have to do. You can add tasks manually or automatically. The purpose is to help your work and show […]

Adding cards manuallytrending_flat

Check whether the Company/Person is already in the system or not by typing their name into the Search field in the top right-hand corner. If yes: Click on the Company/Person […]

What is an Opportunity card good for?trending_flat

Opportunity cards represent the processes managed in MiniCRM. If you use MiniCRM for Sales, one opportunity card equals to a sales opportunity. If you use MiniCRM for Invoicing, one opportunity […]

What should I do with Businesses and Contact Persons?trending_flat

In MiniCRM, to every opportunity card shall belong a business or a contact person. You can manage the processes related to businesses or contact persons on the opportunity cards. A […]