Analyzing New Leads

The report shows the categories to which opportunity cards belonged within the examined period.


  • Card created at: Those opportunity cards will be displayed that were created during the period set here.
  • Users and groups: Cards belonging to the selected user (owner) will be displayed. In the new Sales module it is also possible to filter by user groups.
  • Lead qualification (only in new Sales module): Depending on the selected option, only your VIP, Qualified or Unqualified leads will be displayed.
  • Views: You can choose from Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly views. The diagram will be rearranged and the cards will be grouped according to the selected option.


Opportunity card is in the Customer status group.


Opportunity card is in the Sales status group

Stuck lead:

Those opportunity cards that exceeded the Sales cycle. They should have been already closed either as lost or won.

Closed Lost:

Opportunity card is in the Lost status group. Sales was unsuccessful.